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Inline Blow + Delamination Detection

UPU 6000 ultrasonic bond analyzer to detect defects and internal blisters

Finding wood based panel blow or delamination and bonding defects can be accomplished using the GreCon Inline Delamination Detection system. With this ultrasonic measuring system producing high quality wood based panels are at an optimized cost. Board blisters can be avoided due to the integrated blow detection system.

Using trend analysis on measured values, the plant operator is able to prevent the production of blister panels. The production of reject panels can be avoided. The signal detected by the ultrasonic receivers is influenced by changes in important process parameters, such as press settings, material density and moisture. These process parameters directly influence the quality of a panel. The degree of glue cure is a measure of ultrasound absorption. The higher the degree of glue cure, the lower the absorption of the ultrasound by the panel.

In addition to optimizing the production process, the UPU provides integrated blow detection for final quality control and panel classification. If blows occur, their size and location is clearly represented in the GreCon Visualization Software. The defective panels are marked, and a signal is given that identifies it for rejection. Different blow definitions allow a graded quality sorting.


Blow - Delimination Detection & Bond Analyzer — UPU 6000 uses ultrasonic pulses to identify hidden panel defects.Blow Detector — UPU 6000

Blow + Delamination Detection Principle

Ultrasonic transmitters and receivers scan passing panels, and a central processor provides on-line monitoring, statistical analysis and warning alarms for production defects.

The transmitter generates ultrasonic pulses, sending them through the panel from below. When a blow appears in the panel, the ultrasonic waves are weakened due to the reflection of the signal occurring inside the panel. This considerable energy reduction is immediately recognized as a quality defect.

Bond Analysis for Process Optimization

Visualization screen data of the Blow - Delamination Detection System — UPU 6000
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In a production run the measured data can be easily traced or analyzed over time. The UPU 6000 visualization computer will produce a similar graphic display for the operator in 5 or optional 250 colors as seen above. This data, combined with other production data, can reveal additional optimization potential.

  • The starting process is stabilized and optimized to the designated speed. The risk of blister or blows in the panel run are low.
  • The production speed is gradually increased. The risk of blisters can be clearly seen from the change in the display colors from blue to green to yellow.
  • As the speed is increased again, the blisters or blows are detected. These quality defects are indicated by red areas on the display.
  • With adjustments to the up stream processes and materials, and with fine adjustments to production speed, optimization can be realized.

The measured panels are graphically represented in up to 5 or 250 colors, depending on the configuration of the system. the colors balanced provides information on the quality and homogeneity of the panels after pressing.

Delamination Detection Technical Information

  • Microprocessor Control Console; 10U industrial enclosure with glazed door.
  • Visualization PC for remote data display.
  • Windows® operating system and software.
  • Aluminum, lacquered NEMA 12 measuring head enclosures.
  • Extruded, anodized aluminum O-Frame.
  • Modular construction for expansion.

  • Channel measurement width: 1.37"
  • Number of channels: up to 48 per system
  • Minimum channel distance: >2.62"
  • Defect length: adjustable
  • Relay outputs per channel: 2 A/250 V
  • Maximum panel speed: up to 820 ft./min.
  • Maximum panel thickness: 3.75"

Delamination Detection Features

  • User-defined tolerances
  • Variable sensitivity for wide range of panel thickness
  • Optional Edge and Channel Marking Systems
  • History tracking of thousands of panels.
  • Early warning alarms and on-line trend analysis
  • Quality analysis per user-defined periods (shift, load, etc.)
  • Automatic self-test of all channels after every panel
  • Automatic cleaning of transmitters and receivers
  • Relay outputs for alarm and control signals

Twin System — Blow Detection & Thickness Gauge

The Blow & Delamination Detection — UPU 6000 can be paired with our Thickness Gauge — DMR 6000 for a combination system that will provide both bonding and thickness measurement values. For the full Quality Assurance Station, connect a Board Scale to the Twin System for measuring bond, thickness, weight and calculating raw density.

Twin System — Blow Detection & Thickness Gauge

Twin System