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Inline Continuous Board Scale

CS 5000 weight and material distribution measurement

Fluctuations in material distribution and panel weight causes increased production costs and a reduction of quality.

The GreCon Inline Continuous Board Scale CS 5000 monitors weight and material distribution after the press. The continuous board scale is ideal for very high speed production lines, cramped conditions or for cases of unfavorable tare and panel weight ratio.

Contrary to the usual board scales using weighing tables, the CS 5000 provides the weight distribution within the measured panel across the production direction. The measuring data is processed and displayed on the visualization system software. This allows for easy parametrization of the panel board.

Using an optional link to the GreCon thickness gauge, the average raw density and its distribution within the panels can also be calculated and used to optimize the process.


Weight Per Unit Area Gauge — BWQ 5000 in the calibration position prepairing to measure the mat.Inline Continuous Board Scale — CS 5000

Continuous Board Scale Principle

The continuous board scale operates in a non-contact way. For measurement, the material to be weighed is penetrated by X-rays or radioactive beams. Depending on the material quantity and the specific weight of the material, the radiation intensity measured by the sensor changes. This is the measure for the weight per unit area (kg/m²)

The Continuous Board Scale can be applied in the following applications:

  • Particleboard
  • Wood cement board
  • Wheat straw chips
  • Plastic granules
  • Insulating board
  • Mineral wool
  • Machined car parts

Six track Continous Board Scale on a production lineSix track Continuous Board Scale on a production line

Continuous board Scale Technical Information

  • Microprocessor Control Console; industrial enclosure.
  • Visualization PC for remote data display.
  • Windows® operating system and software.
  • Aluminum, lacquered NEMA 4 measuring head enclosures.
  • Extruded, anodized aluminum O-Frame.

  • Number of measuring tracks: 1 to 10
  • Measuring range: 2 to 40 kg/m²
  • Measuring accuracy: ±3.5% at 2 kg/m² : 0.2% at 40 kg/m²
  • X-ray tube 33 kV .1 mA
  • Material Thickness: max. 50 mm
  • Transport speed: max. 120 m/min

Continuous Board Scale Features

  • Quick and timely recognition of weight deviation.
  • Clear result indications of production changes (intentional or not)
  • Optimization potentials are displayed.
  • Reliable measured values.
  • Reduction of rejects.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Little space required for installation.
  • Material use and distribution are constantly monitored.