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Inline Infrared Moisture Meter Analyzer

IR 5000 has increase accuracy, reliability and stability by using latest technologies

For optimum product quality, the continuous control of the chip or fiber moisture is imperative. GreCon online moisture meter are used to monitor material moisture up and downstream of the dryers. Or to monitor and control the material moisture after the blender and the forming station, ensuring optimum quality output.

Most infrared moisture meters on the market are constructed using decades old quadrabeam technology. GreCon IR Moisture Meters uses the newest technologies and configuration, which increase accuracy, reliability and stability. This translates into no recalibrating or maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

This is accomplished through:
  • Custom high quality optics to improve accuracy.
  • High speed filter wheel increases response time to moisture changes.
  • Patented dual dedicated infrared detectors eliminate drift.
  • Multi-focal point segmented mirror reduced product height variation sensitivity.

In comparative test with other brands, GreCon's IR Moisture Meter has a faster response time, minimal noise, is unaffected by stray or ambient light, and is not affected by variations in material height or changes in ambient temperature or relative humidity. The IR-5000 provides consistently accurate reliable drift-free moisture measurements. No costly system recalibration or routine maintenance is needed, thus saving time and resources.


Infrared moisture meter & analyzer — IR 5000 mounted over the mat to provide moisture measurement to the mat former controls.IR Moisture Meter — IR 5000

Infrared Moisture Meter Principle

Light from a QH lamp is split into sequential pulses of NIR Energy at wavelengths which are absorbed by the material being measured.

The IR5000 WBPi diverts a portion of the beam onto the secondary detector, to form the reference signal, which the returning backscattered light will be compared.

The light leaving the IR5000 WBPi interacts with the product and unabsorbed energy is reflected back into the instrument, Captured on a special 24-segment mirror and focused onto the primary detector.

The detector signals are then processed to generate an output which is proportional and linear to the amount of material moisture. The patented optics reject ambient light, relative humidity and ambient temperature influences to provide a highly accurate and stable measurement, regardless of product height fluctuations.

Infrared Moisture Merter Technical Information

  • Microprocessor Control Console with industial enclosue.
  • Aluminum, lacquered NEMA 12 measuring head enclosures.
  • Optional Vortech® air collers.
  • Modular construction for expansion.

  • Measuring accuracy: ± 0.5%
  • Moisture range: 0 - 95%
  • Coatings range: 0.1 gr/m - 200 gr/m"
  • Operating tempature: 0 - 120° F
  • Sample area: 2" standard, adjustible to 1/4"

Infrared Moisture Meter Features

  • Not affected by light or product height.
  • Multiple measuring heads may be integrated into a single processor.
  • Non-contact measurement prevents product damage.
  • Automatic calibration function.
  • Real-time monitoring for immediate adjustments to production.
  • Eliminates rejects due to poor moisture content.