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Thickness Gauge

DMR 6000 precise measurement of material thickness

Raw material usage, rejects, and waste can be reduced while providing verifiable quality control documentation to the customer.

Determine exact thickness dimensions inline for immediate adjustments to production. The DMR Thickness Gauge contact roller measurement system is suitable for severe industrial surroundings and measurement of hard surface and solid sheet products.

Fluctuations in panel thickness and deviations from nominal values reduce quality. The GreCon Thickness Gauge DMR provides accurate information for immediate adjustments to the production process to ensure a high quality standard panel. All measured data can be transferred to an automatic process control or press control systems. Thus, time periods required for product changes or production start-ups can be reduced and rejected material minimized.


Thickness Gauge — DMR 5000

Thickness Gauge Principle

Precision contact rollers measure panel material by means of incremental displacement transducers in combination with a light source. The measuring heads are pneumatically pressed on the material with variable contact pressure to compensate for the bending and vibration of panels.

The Rhomboidal Wing is a special mechanical protection and positioning system for contact measurement almost the entire panel length. It allows panels to enter the measuring system at transport speeds of up to 650 FPM (200 m/min) with the heads in closed mode.

Furthermore, the measuring heads will stay in their positions after the last measurement, which reduces the mechanical strain on the panel edges and the consumption of compressed air by the system. Even in case of a compressed air failure, the heads will stay in their last position.

Measuring head rollers are pre positioned using rhomboidal technology.

Rhomboidal Technology

Thickness Gauge Technical Information

  • Microprocessor Control Console; 10U industrial enclosure with glazed door.
  • Visualization PC for remote data display.
  • Windows® operating system and software.
  • Aluminum, lacquered NEMA 12 measuring head enclosures.
  • Extruded, anodized aluminum O-Frame.
  • Modular construction for expansion.

  • Measuring accuracy: ± .0008"
  • Measuring range: 3.9"
  • Number of measuring heads: up to 10 per frame
  • Defect length: adjustable
  • Maximum panel speed: up to 650 ft./min.

Thickness Gauge Features

  • User-defined tolerances
  • Variable contact pressure adapts to material and surface type
  • Automatic zero-calibration between panels for sample accuracy
  • Automatic air purge for accuracy even in dusty environments
  • Automatic retraction prevents damage from incoming material
  • Encoder Assembly measures length of board
  • History tracking of long term panel production data

Twin System — Blow Detection & Thickness Gauge

The DMR 6000 Thickness Gauge can be paired with our UPU-6000 Blow Detection for a combination system that will provide both bonding and thickness measurement values. For the full Quality Assurance Station, connect a Board Scale to the Twin System for measuring bond, thickness, weight and calculating raw density.

Twin System — Blow Detection & Thickness Gauge

Twin System