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Automatic Mat Optimization

FORMATOR automatically homogenizes material distribution of the formed mat

Homogenizes Material Distribution
Experience remarkable improvement in panel quality and realize significant savings of material, process and logistics costs.

Steel Belt Protection
Identify high density metallic and non-metallic foreign objects such as glue lumps, fiber lumps, hot and wet spots, as well as plastic and aluminum parts.


Using the DIEFFENSOR's weight per unit area measurements, the FORMATOR optimizes the material distribution of the formed panel board mat.Weight per unit area measurement optimizes the material distribution.


This is accomplished by linking the GreCon DIEFFENSOR measuring system and a segmented scalper inside a control loop for automatic mat optimization. The DIEFFENSOR determines the weight per unit area of the whole mat and regulates the segments of the scalper to the appropriate position. The mat is finished formed scalped by the weight per unit area measurement of the material rather than the mat hight. Spreading fluctuations are considerably reduced and the resulting panels are more homogeneous.

With the DIEFFENSOR conducting precise measurements and regulating the scalper the benefits are:

  • Eliminate the material safety margin that is sanded off the panel
  • Reduce the nominally used amount of material
  • Up to 5% savings can be realized while maintaining product quality
  • Less strain on downstream production systems
  • Service life of sanding belts, saw blades and other tools are increased
  • Consumption of lacquer is reduced while the surfaces become more homogeneous

Improved product quality increases customer satisfaction. The combination of homogeneous material distributions, elimination of Safety loading of material, and reduction of the normal amount of material to produce a panel provides for lower material cost, less ware and tear of sanding and cutting equipment, higher production speeds and more output.

FORMATOR Steel Belt Protection

With the DIEFFENSOR apart of the system, monitoring of the fiber mat for undesired metallic or non-metallic foreign objects is one of the software features. Visual assistant functions support the operator in defining optimum threshold values for foreign object detection. When foreign objects are detected, the fast single transfer to the matching control allows the use of steel belt protection measures, opening the discharge for example.

FORMATOR Network Connection

For the data transmission to huger-ranking process control systems, different network connections, such as OPC or ODBC, are available. Profibus and Profinet are available on request.

weight per unit area graph showing measurement along production line.Weight per unit area graph along production line.

FORMATOR Applications

  • MDF & HDF
  • OSB
  • Particleboard
  • Insulating materials
  • Gypsum fiberboard

FORMATOR segmented scalper.FORMATOR segmented scalper.