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High-Precision Weight Scale

HPS 5000 material distribution through weight per unit area scanning

The high-precision weight scale (HPS) by GreCon measures the weight per unit area distribution of finished materials (panels) of the whole production run in high resolution. With this, minute deviations in the weight per unit area distribution can be detected.

The HPS provides the exact weight of each panel and the material distribution within the panel. Measuring the whole production run reveals deviations, fluctuations and out of tolerance areas.

The HPS uses the absorption measuring method. One or more x-ray sources are installed above the material flow. The high precision detectors are below the material flow and measures the residual radiation that was not absorbed by the material. The weight per unit area and the material distribution can be determined from the degree of attenuation and the specific density of the penetrated material.

The panel weight is calculated from the measured weight per unit area considering the panel dimensions. With out interrupting production, the panels are weighted. Gross is net, no tare is being deducted. Even light or short panels can be weighted, independent of the production speed.


High-precision scale measuring the weight per unit area of panel boards.High-precision scale measuring the weight per unit area of panel boards.

The core of the software package is the visualization software. It records, stores and graphically represents all measured data. The simple menu structure, which is identical for all GreCon measuring systems, provides intuitive operations. Clear information and graphics enable the operator to quickly and effectively adjust the production process.

    Visualization and operation software
  • 1) Cross profile of current panel
  • 2) Weight per unit area distribution of current panel
  • 3) Long-term distribution of the weight per unit area
  • 4) Proportion of underweight areas
  • 5) Test cut - Segmentation of virtual cut of samples in the HPS software
1) Visualization and operating softwareVisualization and operating software.

Laboratory sample testing vs. full production scanner measurements

Sample testing pull panels for measurement every few minuets as show in the display. The process for sample testing takes time due to the need to sort out the test panel and measure in on an out of process measuring equipment. On high speed production lines, sampling results are untimely. By the time the results are in from the lab or tester, several panels have been produced, conditions on the up-line process have changed and the data is now inappropriate.

With GreCon's high-precision scale the measurement is conducted in the production line at production speeds. The measurement results are available immediately in real time and can be transfered to a higher-ranking process controller systems. The data provide by the HPS can be used to adjust upstream process that optimizes production and improve product quality. Different network connections, such as OPC, ODBC, Profibus and Profinet are available.

Sampling results are untimely compaired to full production run measurments.Sampling results are untimely compared to full production run measurements.

High-Precision Weight Scale Features

  • Measure 100% of the production run
  • Detect and optimize material consumption
  • Weight measurement of the whole panel and grid evaluation in selectable resolution
  • Fluctuations in weight along and across production are immediately detected and can be corrected
  • Product classification
  • little space required for installation
  • Quick calibration ensures measuring reliability
  • Raw density calculation in combination with thickness gauge

High-Precision Weight Scale Technical Info

  • Measuring range: up to 40 kg/m²
  • Product speed: 0 to 240 m/min
  • Measuring accuracy: ±0.5% of actual weight
  • Measuring accuracy: ±25 g/m²