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Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems

BS 7 Offer Safety for Your Production

The Risk

The Solution

Your Benefit

  • Extinguish hazards before they start a fire or dust explosion.
  • Avoid personal injuries, property and equipment damage.
  • Maintain greatest production availability.
  • Precise event recording to the millisecond.
  • Risk management of your production process.
  • Eliminates ignition sources.
  • Fire and explosion prevention.
  • Discount for fire protection risk insurance possible.
Bag house fire from sparks igniting combustible dust.
Bag house fire caused by sparks igniting combustible dust.

Spark detection systems are primarily used as a fire prevention method in dust collectors, mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems by detecting and extinguishing sparks and embers. When working materials, sparks are created very quickly. A dull tool, a damaged fan bearing, an over heated motor, or a foreign object within the material can be the cause. This is a constant danger for all facilities where combustible materials are being worked, exhausted, transported, filtered or dried. The damage statistics provided by insurance companies point out that filters, dust collection bins, silos and even complete production lines are the areas at greatest risk. Foreign objects in the conveyed material, defective parts of production machinery, friction processes as well as electric sparks are all identified as fire generating.

Spark Detection can eliminate the early causes of fires or dust explosions by detecting and extinguishing sparks and embers before these hazards reach filters, silos or storage systems. Factory Mutual Approved.
GreCon Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems.

Fire Prevention Measure

GreCon spark detection sensors FM-1/8 protecting this bag house.jpg
GreCon spark detection sensors monitoring bag house.

Reduce your risk of fires and dust explosions in pneumatic conveying systems by detecting and extinguishing sparks and embers BEFORE they reach the dust collector, filters, or silos. Extinguish sparks Inline, without stopping production. Spark detection is a fire prevention measure that can eliminate the early causes of fires or explosions.

Sensors detect the spark's or ember's infrared radiation and triggers the control console to automatically activate programmable countermeasures:

  • extinguishing devices
  • deluge valves
  • abort gates
  • flow diversion gates
  • alarm and control systems
  • or automatic machinery shutdown

Extinguishment immediately releases a fine mist of water downstream, extinguishing sparks and embers without interrupting production and greatly reduces risk of personnel injury, equipment damage, and downtime.

Furthermore, there is a high danger potential for unprotected filters, silos or bins in these factories.

GreCon CC5000 Control Consoles

GreCon control console in 3 sizes and capacity from one zone to over 100 zones of protection.
Capacity from one zone to over 100 zones of protection.

The CC 5000 series control consoles are more economically suitable for standard applications.

  • Spark detection, burning ember detection and flame detection.
  • Extinguish hazards without stopping production.
  • Alarm and control system activation.
  • User friendly menu-driven interface.
  • NEW! Multi-Touch displays with flow sheets available.
  • From one to over 100 user-defined zones.
  • Multi-processor modular construction.
  • Extendable cabinets.
  • Battery backup power.

The GreCon CC5000 Spark Detection System can start out small to fit your current needs and can grow as your needs grow. You can add one zone, ten zones, or any combination as your facility demands. (learn more)

Maintain Spark Detection and Extinguishing System to Ensure Effectiveness

an article by Bob Barnum

Compare a worn and a new spark detection extinguishment nozzle. The left nozzle shows the excessive ware that comes from abrasion.
Compare a worn and a new extinguishment nozzle.

Of the three major elements of a spark detection/extinguishment system, it is the extinguishing equipment whose maintenance seems to be neglected the most. Excessive wear on the tip of the nozzle will cause material build-up in the orifice. This partially or totally plugged condition severely affects the nozzle's extinguishing ability. Nozzles must be mechanically operative. Mineral deposits from the extinguishing water can restrict or inhibit normal function. For proper nozzle maintenance, the nozzle should be removed, inspected and replaced if necessary. (learn more)

Industry Standards Certifications

Factory Mutual Approved CE Mark TUV Canada-United States ATEX Certified
Factory Mutual Approved Conformité Européenne TüV Canada-U.S. ATEX Certified
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