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Spark Extinguishing

LS2-SS-12 Extinguish sparks and burning embers

GreCon extinguishing assemblies immediately extinguish sparks and burning embers before they can reach the filter, thereby reducing the risk of fires and dust explosions.

Water extinguish does not adversely affect the filter media. One to three nozzle assemblies are available in either brass or stainless steel. (optional non-water suppressant methods can also be considered).

Extinguishment manifold design provides consistent nozzle spacing for quick installation and maintenance. The old standard plumbing had variable distances between nozzles due to the individual tolerances in pipe fittings. The sum of all the leeway produced the variance in nozzle distance. The GreCon die-cast brass manifolds provide precise spacing of extinguishment nozzles that lets personnel pre-drill the holes into the ducting before installation. Each extinguishment has the same nozzle-to-nozzle distance and will allow personnel to change out extinguishment assemblies if necessary, greatly reducing maintenance and ducting shutdown time.

Extinguishment Manifold Advantages

  • Ease of Maintenance – If a valve needs to be replaced, it is a simple matter of unscrewing the large nuts on both sides of the valve/strainer assembly and inserting a new valve/strainer. Each valve/strainer is made EXACTLY to the same overall length.
  • O-rings seal nearly every joint against leakage so it minimizes the application of "plumbers dope" reducing the chance of dope clogged nozzles.
  • The center distance between each nozzle in LS2 and LS3 is within a fraction of a millimeter that allows for change out of the extinguishment assemblies.

One, two and three nozzle spark extinguishing devices.
One, two and three nozzle spark extinguishing devices.

Extinguishing Principle

Upon sensor detection and activation by the Control Console, GreCon extinguishing assemblies release an atomized water spray to immediately extinguish any sparks or burning embers.

Special nozzle design, when coupled with required water pressure creates the most effective atomized extinguishment spray pattern.

All extinguishment devices are equipped with specially engineered high-speed valves that are exclusive to GreCon spark detection systems. These valves ensure that water is instantly supplied to the spray nozzles. Additionally, these proprietary valves are fast closing thereby controlling any excessive water into the system.

Extinguishing devices wrapped in thermal protected jackets.
Extinguishment devices wrapped in thermal protected jackets.

Extinguishment Technical Information

  • Assembly includes: "Y" strainer, high-speed diaphragm valve with coil, 1 to 3 nozzles, stainless steel mounting adapters, shut off valve, and manifold piping.
  • 1" NPT supply connection to shut off valve.
  • Quick open/close 1" Ø diaphragm valve (low voltage).
  • Up to three (3) nozzles per assembly.
  • ¾" NPT nozzles.
  • Brass or stainless steel nozzles.
  • Flush mounted, spring loaded contamination free, pressure activated nozzles.
  • Three coil voltages available to maximize possible extinguishment combinations.

Extinguishment Features

  • Water extinguishment does not adversely affect filter media.
  • Specially engineered high-speed valves provide instant open and instant close.
  • Pressure activated and contamination free nozzle using spring loaded shutter cone seal.
  • Flush-mounted installation does not obstruct material flow.
  • Easy installation/maintenance with mounting adapters.
  • Extinguishment manifold design provides consistent nozzle spacing for quick installation and maintenance.
  • Optional waterproof insulation jackets used in conjunction with heat tape for freeze protection.
  • Optional GWS Booster Pump increases available water pressure.
  • Optional ball valve with contact to monitor valve position

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Abort Gates

GreCon Abort Gates exhaust hazardous air flow from the ducting. Activated from the spark detection system sensors, a spring-loaded gate closes in less than 600 milliseconds to prevent any hazards from entering the filter that could cause a fire or a dust explosion. Used in return air systems, Abort Gates safely exhaust hazardous air to the atmosphere, thereby protecting plant and personnel.

GreCon abort gate
Abort gate to divert hazards out of material flow.

Abort Gate Principle

On a return air system the objective is to return the heated air back into the building in cold weather climates. The abort gate is installed on the pneumatic conveying system in a safe area outside of buildings. Spark detection sensors are mounted after the filter system to detect sparks at the outlet. When the sensors detect spark activity they send a signal to the control console, which triggers the abort gate to activate. The hazardous air is exhausted to the atmosphere and is prevented from entering the building where it could cause a fire, an explosion or injure personnel. This configuration is compliant with NFPA 664 Standard for return air systems.

Abort Gates exhaust hazardous air flow from the ducting.

Abort Gate Features

  • NFPA 664 Standard compliant for return air systems.
  • Heat resistant electromagnet and chromed magnet contact plate.
  • Stainless steel side seals.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant high temperature gate seals.
  • Accelerating springs.
  • Requires 120 VAC.
  • Optional co-flanges, manual reset, reverse or side discharge direction available.
  • Duct diameters from 12" to 60".

Water Pressure Booster Pump

GreCon booster pumps provide increased water pressure for sufficient extinguishment operation. Standard booster pumps are designed to increase plant pressure up to 65 PSI as measured at the extinguishment valve. Water pump is self-activated with flow and pressure monitored by the spark detection control console.

GreCon water presure booster pump
Booster pump to increase water pressure for extinguishing devices.

Booster Pump Principle

With a 2-inch water supply source, the booster pump's motor will pump water into the water lines and tank until it reaches a designated water pressure. When the spark detection system triggers activation of a zone's extinguishing device, the booster pump's motor will engage when the lower pressure limit is reached and will pump water from the source into the system. After extinguishing devices valves are closed, the booster pump's motor may continue running until the system reaches the upper water pressure limit.

The booster pump flow switch will monitor for uncontrolled water flow into the lines. If there is leakage or a broken line the flow switch will activate a trouble alarm on the control console. This alarm will alert plant personnel to the trouble condition so they can respond quickly and take the appropriate actions.

booster pump's motor will pump water into the water lines and tank until it reaches a designated water pressure

Booster Pump Features

  • 32, 80, 160, or 240 gallon storage capacity.
  • High and low pressure switches.
  • Pressure gauges and relief valve.
  • Flow switch.
  • Prewired electrical panel.
  • Sch. 40 galvanized pipe.
  • Available in 240/480 or 575 Voltage with 3, 5 or 7½ horsepower.
  • Additional pumps and motors available for special applications.