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Fire and Explosion Prevention for the MDF Industry

Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems offer safety for your Medium Density Fiberboard production

Demand for MDF (medium density fiberboard) panels in the housing and furniture industries is growing worldwide. The panels are produced in large quantities on continuous production lines, running at high speeds. However, drying and processing wood into fibers as well as gluing and pressing of the combustible material into panels, hold various risks of fire. The byproduct of these processes, combustible dust, is especially explosive.

The main hazardous areas in MDF production are in the dryers, saws and sanders where the material is processed. Sparks or embers can be easily created. Through the extraction and conveying systems these hazards can reach the filters, silos or bins where they can meet explosive wood dust concentrations and quickly cause fire and dust explosions.

Zones at risk in MDF production

Fire or explosions in MDF production can damage or even destroy the facility. GreCon spark detection and extinguishing system monitors and protects the following areas at risk:

  • Dryer
  • Dryer cyclone
  • Hammermill
  • Cutoff saw
  • Separator
  • Dosing bin
  • Forming station
  • Press
  • Conveying system
  • Dust collector
  • Silo

Mediem density fiberboard (MDF) plant
Medium density fiberboard (MDF) plant.

Fire and explosion prevention for the MDF industry

GreCon spark detection and extinguishing system significantly increases the safety of medium density fiberboard productions facilities. It detects sparks from dryers, hammermills, cut-off saws, forming stations and other production processes and automatically extinguishes them before they reach the dust collector, silos or bins — and these systems have done so successfully for more than 35 years in over 200,000 installations worldwide.

We continually strive to make industry a safer place to work. GreCon spark detection and extinguishing systems play an important part in making your workplace safer, maintain production up-time, minimize equipment damage, reduce insurance premiums and help meet NFPA standards and OSHA regulations.

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Food process diagram showing possible protection areas
Food process diagram showing possible protection areas.