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Fire and Explosion Prevention for the Pellet Industry

Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems offer safety for your pellet production

The use of wood products and other feedstocks are an important part of the growing renewable energy industry. These energy sources are in high demand, especially in form of pellet fuel, and they are produced in large quantities. However, the production processes, such as the drying and milling of feedstock as well as the pressing into pellets, hold various risks of fire. The byproduct of these processes, combustible dust, is especially explosive.

Due to chip dryers, fast-running machines, friction from hammermills, extreme pressure from pelletizing and high temperature processes, sparks, embers or hot particles can be created and reach filters, silos or bins with the aid of extraction and conveying systems. These hazards can combine combustible dust and dry pellets and quickly cause fire or dust explosions.

Pellet coolers are highly susceptible to fires and dust explosions. New pellets are hot due to the friction of the pressing process and are transported to a cooler. When put together you have the fire triangle — combustible material for fuel, the material heat from the pressing process, and now heated combustible material is transported into air cooling system that adds oxygen directly into the mix. The result can be a fire when the pellets are overheated.

Zones at risk in pellet production

Fire or explosions in pellet manufacturing can damage or even destroy the mill. GreCon spark detection and extinguishing system monitors and protects the following areas at risk:

  • Dryers
  • Hammer mills
  • Pellet presses
  • Pellet cooler
  • Conveying system
  • filters
  • Dust collector
  • Silo
  • Storage bin

Silos holding pellets for shipping
Silos holding pellets for shipping.

Fire and explosion prevention for the pellet industry

GreCon spark detection and extinguishing system significantly increases the safety of pellet manufacturing facilities. It detects sparks and automatically extinguishes them just after dryers, hammermills, presses, and other processes before they reach the filter, silos or bins — and these systems have done so successfully for more than 35 years in over 200,000 installations worldwide.

We continually strive to make industry a safer place to work. GreCon spark detection and extinguishing systems play an important part in making your workplace safer, maintain production up-time, minimize equipment damage, reduce insurance premiums and help meet NFPA standards and OSHA regulations.

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Pellet production diagram showing possible protection areas
Pellet production process showing possible protection areas.