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Integrated Spark and Fire Suppression

BS 7 Extinguishing fires in planers and moulders

Integrated spark and fire suppression systems provide protection for your production. The system detects fires in the early developing stages and extinguishes the flames before they can escalate into uncontrolled fires and potential dust explosions. Alarms are activated to alert the operator of the situation so additional action can be taken. The fire suppression system is integrated into production equipment to monitor cabinet spaces where materials are worked, milled, and processed.

There is a risk of fire when working with planers and moulders. Fires inside the equipment have destroyed the machine, spread to other areas, and injured personnel. Production stops for that area until the equipment is repaired or replaced.

The ignition source for fires is very often a jammed piece of wood that is ignited by the frictional heat of the cutting blades. As production speeds increase to achieve high productivity, the risk of fire also increases. With the addition of automation, personnel are monitoring more and more machines with fewer eyes on the process. Both increased processing speeds and a higher level of automation adds up to an increased potential of fire.

With GreCon early fire detection and automatic suppression systems, the risk can be reduced. In addition to extinguishment in the exhaust pipes, an intermittent fine water mist extinguishment is used in the planer cabinet or in the covering hoods of the planer or in the motor bed area.

Mounted under each conveyor roller, the optical sensor monitors the interior space of the planer and activates suitable extinguishing devices. If the danger threshold is exceeded, adjoining extinguishing devices are also activated.

The operator can react to a situation at any time using manual pushbutton keys mounted outside the sound protection cabinet that activates extinguishing devices.

Spark detectors are also positioned in the central exhaust pipe. Upon detection of sparks or embers, extinguishing devices are activated in the pipe to protect downstream filters. If the danger threshold is exceeded a shutdown of the planer is initiated. Extinguishing devices are activated according to the application.